WT3000E Series Precision Power Analyzers

Devices such as solar inverters are already working at overall efficiencies of 90 to 96%. To increase the efficiency, even by few decimal points, is a challenging and important goal for the manufacturers. As the world’s most accurate power analyzer, the WT3000E provides the necessary levels of precision to truly confirm the smallest improvements in efficiency.

R&D engineers in industries and application areas such as motors & drives, semiconductors, lighting and domestic appliances now have an enhanced tool to measure power with higher levels of accuracy and stability.

The WT3000E is not only the benchmark for energy efficiency measurement but also a reference for calibrating power measuring instruments in standards laboratories.

The WT3000E has a robust architecture offering unbeatable performance following the footsteps of its predecessor. The focus on sustainable and renewable energy has raised the importance and need for manufacturers to comply to IEC standards during their product development.

The WT3000E provides the flexibility to mix 30A and 2A input current elements. This enables users to test the compliance of their products to the harmonics, flicker and standby power standards in a single instrument.


The WT3000E delivers


The WT3000E is the world’s most trusted power analyzer thanks to its unmatched power accuracy.


With proven high stability, the WT3000E not only provides the best power measurement accuracy but also the ability to repeat these results time and time again.


The WT3000E represents 100 years of precision making and Innovation. With the widest variety of quality power measurement solutions, users can be confident that Yokogawa always provides the right solution for their needs.


Features and benefits

World’s highest accuracy Inverters are already working at very high efficiencies. It is a challenge for manufacturers to further increase the efficiency even by few decimal points (0.1%). To validate small improvements in efficiency, R&D teams need a new level of accuracy & precision in certified power measurement. WT3000E is the world’s most accurate power analyzer with the world’s highest accuracy 0.01% (reading). Along with high accuracy it provides a broad bandwidth from 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz with an improved accuracy from 0.1 Hz to 30 Hz.


Precision compensation functions

The function in the WT3000E compensates for the loss caused by the wiring of each element. The WT3000E provides the following three types of correction functions to measure power and efficiency. • Wiring Compensation • Efficiency Compensation • Compensation for the Two-Wattmeter Method These compensation functions enable the WT3000E to measure power accurately and precisely


Three phase delta calculation

The delta calculation function in the WT3000E allows users to calculate individual phase voltages from the line voltages measured in a three-phase, three-wire (3V3A) system. The R-S line-to-line voltage can be calculated in systems measured from a three-phase, three-wire method (using two input elements). This function becomes very important when users want to determine the phase voltage in applications such as motor testing where there are no neutral lines. *WT3000E should be equipped with at least two input elements with the same current input.