It is constructed in compliance with IEC 60112, IEC 112, IEC 60335-1, IEC 61058-1, IEC 60065, IEC 60669-1, IEC 60884-1, IEC 60950-1, IEC 61010-1, BS 1363, IEC 60598-1, IEC 60320-1, IEC 60898-1, IEC 60400, IEC 60238, IEC 60730-1, GB4207, GB7000.1, UL746A, DIN53480, ASTM D 3638, VDE 0303, DIN 53480, GB/T 4207,...



T4-41 TRACKING TEST APPARATUS is intended for determining the degree of protection against formation of conducting paths in solid insulating materials, due to the electric stress and electrolytic contamination of the surface.

This test is complex and the person performing it should be accurate and maintain good cleansiness of test equipment. The repeatability and comparability of test results depend on many different factors. Therefore we designed TRACKING TEST APPARATUS with the following goals:

  • Reliability
  • Maximum repeatability of test results
  • Maximum comparability of test results
  • Ease of operation
  • Ergonomical design

The BOLD features below are some of advantages that were introduced to reach these goals.


  • Ergonomically designed: Two-unit apparatus


  • 2 Platinum electrodes, easily removable for cleaning, grinding purposes or replacement by thumb screws. Each electrode is engraved with its serial number to enable its traceability/calibration. Platinum purity certificate included.
  • Easy removable dripping unit enables easy cleaning. Dripping unit with electromagnetic valve is made of three main components that can be simple dismantled: electromagnet, solution cylinder and drip nozzle. Height of dripping unit is adjustable.
  • Drip nozzle can be unscrewed for cleaning or replaced if damaged.
  • Solution cylinder is transparent, so that the contents is clearly visible. It has level markings and adequate volume for 30 tests without refilling. It can be dismantled for cleaning.
  • Internal light enables easier precise adjustments of mechanical parameters
    (16 different adjustments can be made inside electrode unit)
  • Solid anodized aluminum framework with adjustable screw-legs for leveling
  • Transparent polycarbonate door and side panels enable side view – electrodes alignment
  • Electrode pivot point is in the same level as the height of electrode/sample contact
  • Alignment markings behind the nozzle/electrodes enable easier and more precise centering of nozzle and electrodes.
  • Jointed electrode holders enable adjustment of all relevant parameters
  • 2 adjustable weights for adjusting force of electrodes exerted on the sample (1N)
  • Table for sample positioning is free-standing and enables precise height leveling by thumb screw. It is removable to enable easy cleaning.
  • Easy removable sample support glass
  • With apparatus are enclosed many different accessories that enable easier testing (see accessories section below)
  • Ventilator for fume extraction after the test
  • Removable bottom lining for easier cleaning
  • Door safety protection switch - test voltage can only be applied when doors are closed



  • Siemens LOGO programmable microcontroller for adjustment of interval between drops, volume of each drop and requested number of drops.
  • Fully automatic test execution
  • Push buttons for switching the voltage ON and OFF
  • Voltage indicator light
  • Transformer and variable ratio transformer for voltage adjustment 0-650V (in two ranges)
  • Voltage range selection switch
  • Knob for voltage adjustment
  • V meter digital 650 V AC ±0,2% +1digit
  • Push button for enabling test current adjustment (short-circuiting the electrodes)
  • Test current adjustment knob for adjusting 1A current
  • Current limiting resistor, adjustable for current adjustment (1A)
  • A meter digital 5 A AC ±0,2% +1digit
  • Adjustable over-current/time relay (trips after 0,5 A/ 2 s)
  • Tripping current/time test knob
  • Push-button for manual triggering of dripping mechanism – used for adjustment
  • START/STOP push-button
  • Mains switch
  • Signal lamp - failure indication
  • Anodized aluminum front plate, with inscriptions that clearly explain the function of each component on the front plate
  • Push button for starting the automatic dripping
  • Light switch
  • Ventilator switch