Combined Mini-Charger-Tester

Comemso meets new challenges with aftersales application

Developments and aftersales services for e-mobility present new challenges for vehicle- and charging-system manufacturers. The number of chargers in the field increases and therefore also the efforts in the service applications. After each service of chargers there is a final test required, if the charger is still proper working to ensure that nothing has been forgotten at the service work. To test this there is either a real EV required or a small mobile automatic tester such as the comemso combined Mini-Charger- Tester. The benefit of a small mobile tester even increases on a service for multi-charger-systems, where CCS and CHAdeMO have to be tested at the same service activity. The combined Mini-Charger-Tester can be used at the service application, maintenance and at the production as a simple end-of-line test.