WPT Communication Tester

Stand-alone Windows tool: ·

  • Safe bidirectional HTTP proxy, not requiring administrative privileges to run, used to forward JSON messages between the EVCC and SECC
  • Multi-threaded application to ensure reacting to user inputs
  • Performance: analysis of a charging cycle with 1000 PowerRequest and 1000 PowerResponse JSON messages (a total of 2005 messages) in less than 10 seconds on an Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.2 GHz

EVCC Overheating messages ·

  • JSON messages and the trace messages are displayed in real-time with different colors in case of warnings or errors. User can quickly detect if something happened while the messages are analyzed or if scrolling though a huge list of messages
  • The trace scrolls automatically to the end to allow the user to watch for errors while charging
  • Customizable logging levels via configuration (advanced users only, requires admin privileges)
  • The contents of the trace are automatically saved to a file in the user profile.