DC China Analyzer / Simulator

New challenges…

Advancing developments in e-mobility make vehicle and charging-system manufacturers meet new challenges. For example the Chinese standard GB/T describes the requirements on DC-charging-systems, electrical circuits and the communication protocol to control the charging process. By combining electric vehicles and charging systems of various manufacturer, different system-tolerances and disturbing influences may occur. The reasons of charge interruptions are very difficult to locate due to the long charging process. new solutions

The comemso DC China Analyzer / Simulator measures and verifies both - communication and load circuit - on standard- conformity over the complete duration of charging and captures all deviations. In this way it’s possible to identify non-conformity of charging and get the reasons for charge interruptions.



  • o communication analysis according to GB/T 27930-2015
  • o synchronous measurement of: - DC voltage and current - auxiliary power supply voltage and current
  • o quality analysis of CAN physical layer
  • o connection confirmation
  • o temperature measurement of DC connectors
  • o protocol analysis: - timings of communication and charging - communication order
  • o All measurement and analysis data is provided over CAN

Gateway with manipulation:

  • o manipulation of CAN data

EV test:

  • o Standard Charger simulation

Charger test:

  • o Standard EV simulation


Graphical user interface (GUI):

  • o ready project with comfortable panels for Vector CANalyzer / Vector CANoe. Recommended Option: SAE J1939-21 CAN transport protocol

DC power circuit:

  • o connectors for 750V / 125A
  • o Measurement up to 1000V / 350A

Auxiliary power supply:

  • o connectors for 30V / 20A
  • o measurement up to 30V / 20A

CC1/CC2 signals:

  • o Measurement from 0V to 30V