Gauges and test probes are constructed and manufactured in compliance with different IEC, EN, and other standards (IEC 60529, 61032, 60061-3, 60320-1, 60884-1, 60400, VDE 0620-1, BS 1363-1, ).


T5‑XX GAUGES AND OTHER TOOLS is a group of our products that is not easy to define due to its extensiveness. It includes different items (gauges, mandrels, probes, fingers, pins, spheres, tools, devices and accessories) that are intended for determining dimensional compliance of tested samples, electrical and/or thermal and/or mechanical loading and burdening, accessibility of live parts, gauges for testing contact making, “go” and “not go” gauges, gauges for testing protection against accidental contact, gauges for testing contact making, alignment gauges, contact and no contact gauges, gauges for max. and min. withdrawal force checking, gauges for breaking capacity tests, gauges for normal operation tests, gauges for temperature rise measurements, gauges for pulling test, test caps, gauges for insulation resistance testing, different kinds of loading weights, test caps for torque tests, test sockets or plugs, mandrels for bending tests, test knifes, dummy fuse links, minimum and maximum gauges…