EV Charging Analyzer / Simulator (AC/DC)

Comemso meets new challenges with high quality

Developments for e-mobility present new challenges for vehicle- and charging-system manufacturers. Through a high availability of the 230V AC main power supply, conductive charging systems for electric vehicles are widely spread. The quiet young standard IEC 61851 and SAE J1772 describe the requirements on AC-charging-systems, electrical waveforms and the pilot signal to control the charging process. By combining electric vehicles and charging systems of various manufacturer, different system- tolerances and disturbing influences may occur. The causes of charge interruptions are very difficult to locate due to the long charging.

The comemso EV Charging Analyzer / Simulator measures and verifies both the communication and the load circuit on standard-conformity over the complete duration of charging and records all deviations. Thus causes of charge interruptions can be identified and also causalities of events can be detected and visualized.



  • Analysis according IEC 61851-1 charging mode 1, 2 and 3, SAE J1772 and GB/T 18487.1-2015 (AC only)
  • Long-term analysis of the entire charging-process
  • Analysis of load circuit in voltage, current, frequency, capturing of harmonic interferences up to 5kHz
  • Analysis of pilot signal and its entire parameters
  • Acting as PLC tracer (trace SLAC, V2G messages) with real measured AC/DC current and voltage on same time stamp
  • High accuracy measurement methods, developed especially for analysis of electrical signals described in IEC 61851-1
  • Galvanic isolated pilot signal for verification by oscilloscope
  • Measurement data recording to USB storage media or over CAN interface (e.g. to CAN data logger / notebook)
  • Real-time analysis over CAN Bus possible
  • CAN-remote-control possible (user specific tests)
  • Integrated short tests und sequence tests for EVSE and EV (EV tests only with option 1 „EV test hardware & software“ possible)
  • Comprehensive EVSE simulation for EV tests on pilot signal possible (Duty cycle, frequency, voltage granular adjustable)
  • Calculation of Power (W) and Energy (Wh) for L1, L2, L3 based of TrueRMS measurement of voltage and current
  • Arbitrary use of connectors and adapters for different charging systems and use-cases
  • Robust casing for mobile outdoor use, Battery Powered, IP66 in closed case, IP54 in open case F