SMARTDAC+ Data Acquisition & Control

Your business environment is complex and rapidly changing. You need smart and powerful systems that can adapt to your process. is a fresh approach to data acquisition and control, with smart and simple touch operation as a design priority. Measure, display and record process data with greater levels of clarity, intelligence and accessibility. The concept started with the GX/GP, an integrated I/O and recording system with a familiar touch operator interface. Building upon the product family is the highly adaptable, scalable and easy to operate GM data logger.


Precise, Reliable & Adaptable

Decades of Yokogawa's innovative measuring technology has resulted in a flexible data logger that offers both reliability and ease of use.

  • Scalability Up to 420 ch per system / Plug and lock modules
  • Ease of Use Web-based configuration / Live Web-based data viewing
  • Mobile Connectivity Bluetooth / Mobile Application
  • Open Network Modbus, EtherNet/IP, SLMP, and OPC-UA server
  • Reliability Secure data storage / High accuracy measurement
  • Noise Tolerance Electromagnetic relay module


What's New

  • PID control (GX90UT PID Control Module)
  • Program control (/PG option)
  • Dual interval measurement
  • High speed (1 ms) measurement (GX90XA-04-H0 High Speed AI Module)
  • 4-wire RTD input, resistance measurement (GX90XA-06-R1 4-Wire RTD Module)
  • Retransmission/manual mA output (GX90YA Analog Output Module)