The new compact design of the Battery Cell Simulator.

The comemso BCS allows you to test your Battery Management System on cell-level with high-precision and more dynamic as ever before. The electrical emulation of such virtual battery cells puts you into the position to achieve safe, reproducable and full automated testing of your BMS. The Battery Cell Simulator is the core of a BMS test system. The last pages of this product information give you an overview of the BMS testing product family and availible variants of the battery cell emulation hardware.

All features of the normal Battery Cell Simulator.

Flexible voltage source and current load adjustment.
High-precision function tests of the BMS are possible with the comemso BCS. Each cell has an electronic load, which can be used for active and passive balancing. This constant current sink can generate currents up to 4.5 A (depending on selected features). The comemso BCS comes with all accuracies directly at the BMS test object, even with 3 m cable length.

Fault simulation and current measurement.
Each cell provides a fault simulation for generating short circuits, cable breakage and change in polarity (reverse polarity). Each cell output also includes a high-precision current measurement system. This market innovation enables the BCS to detect balancing currents as well as leakage currents per cell, e.g. at a turned-off BMS. This way, deep discharges of whole battery modules can be analysed quickly. With the integrated Coulomb measurement, per cell balancing procedures are verified. The comemso BCS combines a high-precision emulation of battery cells with high-resolution measurement technology and extended validation possibilities. Communication takes place via CAN or via EtherCAT, for high-performance measurements and highly dynamic control even at > 120 cells.