Photon Kinetics

2500 Optical Fiber Analysis System

A versatile single-mode/multimode measurement platform, and the industry-standard test system for characterizing laser-optimized multimode fibers

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The 2500 Fiber Analysis System is able to characterize several of the most important transmission properties of both single-mode and multimode fibers. This versatility is one reason why the 2500 is a popular solution for many fiber manufacturers.

The 2500 is also the industry-standard test system for characterizing the most critical properties of the current generation of laser-optimized multimode fibers. The 2500 is able to measure both the overfilled-launch bandwidth and the single-mode launch differential mode delay (SMLDMD) of these fibers, as well as their spectral attenuation with standards-compliant launch conditions. High performance options and customized measurement wavelengths allow customers to tailor the system's capability to their specific requirements.

Features and Benefits

Highly configurable optical test platform

  • Multiple combinations of test capability - attenuation, bandwidth and/or SMLDMD
  • Allows manufacturers to obtain the only the capability they currently require, with option to upgrade in future

Variety of measurement options

  • Low wavelength option for spectral loss measurement of specialty fibers
  • Extended range bandwidth, DMD and spectral attenuation options enables measurement of fibers up to 17.6 km

Customized measurement capability

  • Provides bandwidth and DMD test capability at non-standard wavelengths such as 780, 820,1550 nm
  • Enables DMD measurement of fibers with DMD as low as 30 ps