Photon Kinetics

1001-MFH Multiple Fiber Handler

Dependable, high speed, fiber handling automation that maximizes testing output

The 1001 Multiple Fiber Handler maximizes the efficiency of optical fiber measurements by automating and reducing the time required to prepare and temporarily align multiple optical fibers to be tested to a single test instrument pigtail.

Through the use of patented fiber holders and modified mass fiber preparation tools, loose tubes or ribbons with up to 16 fibers each can be quickly loaded into a holder, stripped and cleaved in a simple two-step process. Once prepared, up to 8 of these holders are loaded onto a cassette, which can be loaded onto the 1001 stage in a matter of seconds. Under the direction of a controller, the handler sequentially aligns each fiber in each of the 8 holders to the OTDR (or other test equipment) pigtail using fast, reliable profile alignment techniques. After the 1001 applies a precise amount of index matching fluid to the probe fiber, the test fibers are coupled individually with low optical loss and reflectance.

The 1001 Multiple Fiber Handler can be operated independently or as part of an automated cable test system that also features an 8000 Production and Laboratory OTDRand the OTDR Automation Test Software.


Features and Benefits

Ribbon and Loose Fiber Holders

  • Enable fibers to be prepared with mass fiber preparation tools, minimizing fiber preparation time

Cassette Loading of Fiber Holders

  • Makes loading of up to 8 holders onto the handler a one-step process, reducing handler setup time
  • Interchangeability of optional spare cassettes facilitates off-line fiber prep and loading

Environmentally Isolated Alignment Components

  • Reliably couples fibers in real-world cable factory settings (more dust tolerant than vee groove or other mechanical alignment techniques)

High Speed, Fully Automated Profile Alignment, Index Matching Oil Application and Coupling

  • Produces low loss, low reflectance couplings that increase SNR, thereby decreasing measurement time
  • Effectively doubles productivity by enabling technician to prepare cables/fibers while fibers are being tested

Part of a Complete Automated OTDR Test Station Featuring the 8000 OTDR and Software

  • Enables highest possible test station throughput of more than 1000 fibers/8 hours typical for a bi-directional, 3-wavelength test