Photon Kinetics

1000i OTDR Automation System

A complete solution for maximizing the efficiency of testing of cable components

Like the 1000 OTDR Automation System the 1000i OTDR Automation System also maximizes the efficiency of optical fiber OTDR measurements. However, the products that comprise this system are designed and priced for the relatively low volume in-process test application, rather than highly demanding final cable test where station throughput is key. The 1000i brings together our economic, yet high performance, 8000i OTDR, with the fast, low loss/reflectance OTDR-to-fiber couplings provided by the 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner. Tying these products together is the OTDR Automation Software which enables the user to automate the OTDR data acquisition process and obtain useful testing results including fiber length, attenuation and attenuation uniformity.

Features and Benefits

Economic OTDR Configurations Optimized for Testing Typical Cable Lengths

  • High dynamic range reduces measurement time
  • High linearity and short deadzone ensure measurement accuracy

Fast, Low Loss/Reflectance Coupling of Single Fibers to the OTDR

  • Minimizes test setup time
  • Preserves OTDR dynamic range, decreases measurement time

Test Sequence Automation

  • Ensures testing accuracy and consistency

Network Compatible Software

  • Seamlessly connects in-process test station to factory information system for more efficient process control