System Components

For demanding computational tasks, Rohde & Schwarz offers the versatile, flexible equipment you need for everyday use – from the system controller and switch unit to the test chamber. All feature excellent EMC shielding, reliable test results and modular solutions.


System Components

  • System Components - R&S®IQR I/Q Data Recorder

    R&S®IQR I/Q Data Recorder

    Realtime recording and streaming of digital I/Q data

    • Sample rate R&S®IQR20: 1 ksample/s to 20 Msample/s
    • Sample rate R&S®IQR100: 1 ksample/s to 87,5 Msample/s 1)
  • System Components - R&S®RSC Step Attenuator

    R&S®RSC Step Attenuator

    Where precise signal levels count