R&S®TS8997 Regulatory Test System for Wireless Devices

Features & Benefits

Testing DUTs for enhanced performance and coexistence behavior

  • Verification of DUT behavior in crowded, unlicensed frequency bands
  • Support of frequency-hopping and MIMO devices
  • Adaptivity test for devices with and without Look Before Transmit (LBT) functionality

Complete characterization in line with ETSI EN 300328/ ETSI EN 301893

  • Coverage of all test cases from the ETSI standards
  • Special power measurement in line with ETSI standards
  • Simultaneous measurements on up to four antenna ports for MIMO devices
  • Frequency-selective measurements with high resolution
  • DUT stimulation using Rohde & Schwarz communications tester or golden device

Easy operation

  • Tried and tested R&S®EMC32 GUI and software structure
  • Technology-dependent test sequence control and querying of device parameters
  • User guidance by test sequence, taking into account test case dependencies
  • Integrated calibration routines

Modular and future-ready

  • Support of measurements using antenna coupler for devices without antenna connector


Brief Description

All wideband transmission systems in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands must be tested to verify compliance with ETSI EN 300328 for the 2.4 GHz band and ETSI EN 301893 for the 5 GHz band. The latest versions of these standards require the use of special automated test procedures and test equipment. The R&S®TS8997 fully meets these requirements.

Key Facts

  • Fast wideband power measurement that exceeds ETSI requirements
  • Support for MIMO DUTs with up to four antenna ports
  • Menu-driven, automatic measurements based on radio technology selected by the user
  • Measurements via RF connection or antenna coupler
  • Tried and tested R&S®EMC32 GUI and software structure
  • Automatic switching of test paths up to 18 GHz

The R&S®EMC32/R&S®AMS32 Measurement Software contains open source software packages. Copies of the respective licenses are included in the 'R&S®EMC32 and R&S®AMS32 Measurement Software Open Source Acknowledgement'.- Please refer to the Download/Software area of this web site.