R&S®TS-EMF EMF Measurement System

Features & Benefits

  • The R&S®TS-EMF measurement system supports users by providing automated test sequences, including preconfigured measurement packets. The isotropic antenna detects fields independent of their direction and polarization. A wide range of Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers and test receivers is available for performing such measurements. In particular, the compact one-box solution with the R&S®FSL spectrum analyzer allows measurements to be performed even in locations that are difficult to access.

Safety based on exact measurements for reproducible and reliable results

  • Evaluation of total emissions, individual radio services or individual frequencies
  • Measurements in line with all common EMF standards and measurement methods
  • Correct evaluation of complex scenarios or RF signals
  • Excellent reproducibility using automated measurements

Efficient on-site measurements

  • Fast, efficient measurements thanks to predefined test routines
  • On-site interpretation of results using integrated report generation
  • Easy adaptation to local conditions
  • Versatile use due to the compact one-box solution with the R&S®FSL spectrum analyzer
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
    • Investigation of specific problems or radio signals by directly setting individual measurement parameters
    • Additional manual measurements using a full-fledged spectrum analyzer
    • Optional storage of raw measurement data for further in-depth result evaluation
    • Precise extrapolation for WCDMA and LTE signals using demodulation
  • Future-ready
    • Coverage of the complete frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz using isotropic antennas
    • Measurements of advanced radio services with wide bandwidths and high crest factors

Brief Description

In combination with Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers, the R&S®TS-EMF measurement system detects high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the environment (EMF). The isotropic antenna, together with the software, which has been specifically designed for EMF measurements, allows simple and precise evaluation of total and individual emissions on site.

Measuring EMF emissions in line with national and international standards provides a basis for ensuring that transmitter systems comply with the applicable limits and for communicating this to the general public. The key criterion is a precise, easy-to-make on-site measurement.

Key Facts

  • Automated EMF measurements
  • Precise measurements of even complex scenarios and RF signals
  • Wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, covered by isotropic antennas
  • Isotropic antenna detecting fields independent of direction and polarization
  • Combined use possible with various Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers, test receivers and network scanners