Photon Kinetics OTDR Automation Software

The Most Effective Solution for Maximizing OTDR Cable Testing Productivity

Both the 1000i and 1000 OTDR Automation Systems consist of a suite of PK products that accelerate and simplify several time- consuming activities that are a common to the OTDR testing process in cable manufacturing. The cornerstone of both systems is the OTDR Automation Software. provides cable manufacturers with the ability to define comprehensive OTDR testing strategies, to execute these strategies to automatically acquire and analyze the OTDR data, and then organize and package the large quantity of test data in a form that is compatible with existing factory information systems. is capable of automating both the high performance, in-process test 8000i and final QC 8000 OTDRs, delivering the highest speed data acquisition in all cable test applications. And, is compatible with our two high speed fiber handling solutions, the 1001 Multiple Fiber Handler and the 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner. leverages the high speed fiber handling provided by both products to deliver the highest possible overall OTDR measurement efficiency and output for single fibers, multi-fiber cable components and high fiber count cables.


Features and Benefits

Automated Testing

  • Maximizes test station productivity

Real-time, Single Screen Test Status Feedback

  • Ensures testing efficiency and integrity by immediately alerting operator to spec failures

Comprehensive, Manufacturing-Oriented Signature Analysis

  • Improves measurement accuracy, eliminates operator subjectivity, ensures product quality

Scalable Implementation from Single Station to Networked Factory

  • Provides consistent testing platform and data formats in all production areas